How to use the command line to view the PCP policy on USG?


Use the following command line to view the PCP policy.
display pcp-policy rule { all [ slot slot-id cpu cpu-id ] | name rule-name }

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Configure a whitelist of an AR router
A device is added to a whitelist to avoid being added into a blacklist if the legal service packets sent by this device boast the features of IP scan attack and port scan attack. To configure whitelist entries one by one, do as follows: Run the system-view command to access the system view. [Huawei] firewall whitelist ip-address [ vpn-instance vpn-instance-name ] [ expire-time minutes ] //Add whitelist entries one by one. To configure whitelist entries in batches, do as follows: By loading the configuration file of the whitelist, whitelist entries can be configured in batches. This configuration file must be configured in advance, and it supports only the text format. The configured whitelist does not need to be enabled, and the whitelist entries automatically take effect. system-view //Access the system view. [Huawei] firewall black-white-list load configuration-file configuration-file-name //Load the configuration file of the whitelist. For details about how to configure the whitelist function of AR series routers using command lines and through the web NMS, see the URL: AR router configuration whitelist .

Command used to view PCP policies
You can use the following command to view the PCP policy: display pcp-policy rule { all [ slot slot-id cpu cpu-id ] | name rule-name }

Using command lines to suppress alarms for the OSN 6800
For example, to suppress R_LOS alarms on all ports, run the following command: alm-cfg-set-monstate:R_LOS,disable,0xff,0,0,"";

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