Uninstalling the AnyOffice client


You can uninstall the AnyOffice client as follows:
-To uninstall the AnyOffice from the iOS system, choose Settings > General > Description File, and press and hold to remove the MDM and AnyOffice description files.
-To uninstall the AnyOffice from the Android system, choose Settings > Security > Device Manager, and deactivate AnyOffice. Choose Settings > App Management, uninstall the AnyOffice.

Other related questions:
OSs supported by the AnyOffice client
OSs supported by the AnyOffice client include iOS 5.0 and later versions, and Android 4.0 and later versions.

AnyOffice client supported operating system
AnyOffice client support operating system includes: iOS5.0 and above version, Android4.0 and above version.

FusionInsight client uninstallation
You can run the rm –rf command to delete all files in the folder where client programs are located (for example, /opt/hadoopclient) to uninstall the client.

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