Method used to view mail attachments downloaded to the AnyOffice client


You can view mail attachments downloaded to the AnyOffice client in the AnyOffice tool console.

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Method used to download product documents
You can download profiles from Huawei website: 1. Access e indicates Enterprise services. 2. Click Technical Support. 3. Select Enterprise Network (such as security) in Product Support or enter the specific model (such as USG2100). -After a category is selected, the information platform is displayed. You can select the specific model. 5. In the corresponding page, select the product version such as V100R001. 5. Select the product documentation package in the document type. Click to open the documents. -For details about the MIB, log, and alarm references, click References.

OSs supported by the AnyOffice client
OSs supported by the AnyOffice client include iOS 5.0 and later versions, and Android 4.0 and later versions.

Uninstalling the AnyOffice client
You can uninstall the AnyOffice client as follows: -To uninstall the AnyOffice from the iOS system, choose Settings > General > Description File, and press and hold to remove the MDM and AnyOffice description files. -To uninstall the AnyOffice from the Android system, choose Settings > Security > Device Manager, and deactivate AnyOffice. Choose Settings > App Management, uninstall the AnyOffice.

AnyOffice client supported operating system
AnyOffice client support operating system includes: iOS5.0 and above version, Android4.0 and above version.

how to check the mail attachments that Anyoffice client to download
AnyOffice client to download the mail attachments can be found in the Anyoffice file management tool

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