Whether the FIC6 slot on the USG2200BSR is available


The FIC6 slot on the USG2200BSR is unavailable.

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Whether the UTM function is available on the USG2000 and USG5000
The UTM function can be used only after a license is purchased and activated.

Whether support to put tribute card on extend slot of Metro500
Support sp2d card that used 16*E1 service access

Whether any OTN solutions are available
The FBB solution provides metro OTN transparent transmission and metro OTN aggregation solutions, improving fiber bandwidth utilization and transmission distance.

Whether there are special slot requirements of the THA board on the OSN 8800
To facilitate fiber maintenance, the THA board cannot be inserted into a slot at the edge of a subrack or a slot next to slots housing high-density boards such as other THA boards.

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