Whether the firewall can function as a voice gateway


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Whether the L2 interface of USG firewalls can function as a WAN interface?
The L2 interface of USG firewalls can function as a WAN interface. The WAN interface mentioned here refers to an interface connected to an external network, generally an optical fiber of a carrier. IP addresses cannot be directly configured for L2 interfaces. Therefore, you can use the VLANIF interface as the WAN interface (L3 interface). The configuration is as follows: 1. Choose Network > Interface. Create a VLAN interface, and set parameters such as the IP address, mask, and gateway.2. Choose Network > Interface. Change the mode of the corresponding L2 interface to Access, and add the configured VLAN interface.

Whether the S1700 functions as the gateway
S1700 switches are used as Layer 2 switches and do not function as gateways.

Can the secondary analysis be performed on prefixes of the U1900 voice gateway?
The secondary analysis cannot be performed on prefixes. We can realize this by configuring number change for prefixes. Assume the following scenario: All intra-office numbers of the U1900 begin with 4. Intra-office numbers used for making intra-office calls must be sent to the peer end. Then the peer end sends the numbers to the U1900 which forwards the calls to corresponding intra-office extensions. Method: Set the outgoing prefix to 4 and associate it with the number change rule of adding prefix 111 to the called number. Set the intra-office prefix to 1114 and associate it with the called number change rule of deleting the first three digits.

How does the local regeneration function of the U1900 voice gateway work?
1. All SIP users and IP phones connected to the IAD at the local node are configured with two SIP server addresses and register with the central node preferentially. If they fail to register with the central node, they register with the local node. 2. Analog users connected to the analog subscriber boards of the U1900 voice gateway at the local node register with the central node in proxy mode through the local node. 3. The local node uses SIP heartbeat messages to monitor the central node status. If the local node is disconnected from the central node, the local node takes over all services and terminal registration is not limited. The service recovery of the central node must be completed within 30 days. Otherwise, terminals at the local node cannot register with the local node.

How to use the voice conference function of the U1900 series unified gateway
Method of configuring voice conference function of the U1900 series unified gateway: For details, see Configuration > Feature Guide > Voice Meeting in the product documentation .

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