Whether session information remains after the USG5120 restarts


Session information does not exist after the USG5120 restarts.

Other related questions:
Why no information is displayed on the console interface of an AR
The possible causes are as follows: - Parameter settings on the console interface are incorrect. - The console cable is faulty. - The path of startup files is incorrectly specified. - The storage device (SD card or USB flash drive) saving the startup files has been removed from the AR or is not securely connected to the AR. - The memory card is loosely connected.

Do ARs support a scheduled restart
Yes, ARs support a scheduled restart.

How can I check whether the configuration of an AR is lost after a restart
After an AR is restarted, you can log in to the AR through the console port and run the display current-configuration command to display the configuration that takes effect. If the configuration is the same as that saved on the AR, the configuration is not lost. After the AR is powered on and started, you can also run the display saved-configuration command to display the configuration file to be used for the next startup. If the configuration is the same as that saved on the AR, the configuration is not lost.

Query of session information of a specific protocol
For the USG2000&5000 and USG6000 series, you can run the display firewall session table [ verbose ] protocol protocol-name command to view session information about a specific protocol. The protocol can be TCP, UDP, or ICMP.

Can the MCU remain powered on?
The MCU can remain powered on. You are advised to regularly maintain and inspect the MCU for its proper running. It is recommended that you enable scheduled automatic restart (the restart at midnight function). During 02:00 to 03:00 in the morning, the MCU automatically restarts on condition that no conference is ongoing or no participant is about to join a conference.

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