Displaying the e-label on the firewall


Perform as follows to view the e-label on the firewall:
display elabel
display elabel [ slot-id ]
Parameter description
slot-id specifies the ID of the slot where the board is inserted.
Display the e-label of the board in slot 0.
display elabel 0

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How to view the electronic labels
You can use commands to view the electronic labels. To view the part number and production date, run the display elabel command. [Board Properties] BoardType=CX22EMFF BarCode=21023514201091000095 Item=02351420 Description=S3752P-EI-48S, S3752P-EI-48S Mainframe(48 100 BASE-X ports and 2 100/1000 BASE-X ports and 2 SFP GE (1000 BASE-X) ports (SFP Req.) and DC -48V) Manufactured=2009-01-24 VendorName=Huawei IssueNumber=00 CLEICode= BOM=02351420 BarCode: electronic label Manufactured: production date BOM: part number

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