Relationship between the product SN and version number


The product SN is the unique identification code of a product, and is not directly related to the product version.

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Whether the corresponding firewall version number can be queried based on the SN
The version number of the firewall cannot be queried based on the product SN because the product SN is not directly associated with the version number.

Obtaining the version and SN of OceanStor 9000
To obtain the version of OceanStor 9000, log in to DeviceManager and view basic information on the portal. To obtain the SN of OceanStor 9000: Method 1: View the device nameplate. Method 2: Log in to DeviceManager. Click System, and select a device whose SN you want to obtain from Nodes. On the Basic Node Information tab, click the Expand button to view the device SN.

Introduction to sites of the OceanStor ReplicationDirector
Resources in a disaster recovery management system are organized by site. You can configure disaster recovery services at a site or between sites. Create a local or remote site based on the disaster recovery network mode (local or remote). Sites are categorized as local sites and remote sites by location. - Local site: a site managed by the local OceanStor ReplicationDirector server. - Remote site: a site managed by the remote OceanStor ReplicationDirector server. Sites are categorized as production sites and disaster recovery sites by protection relationship. - Production site: a site where a production system resides. Service systems of enterprises run at the protected production site. - Disaster recovery site: a site where a disaster recovery system resides. The disaster recovery site provides backup and disaster recovery for the production site. If a disaster occurs, the disaster recovery site can be used to recover services.

The relationship between UC solution version and unified gateway version
eSpace UC V200R003 correspond eSpace U1900 V200R003; eSpace UC V200R002 correspond eSpace U1900 V100R001C20; eSpace UC V100R002 correspond eSpace U1900 V100R001C01

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