Ping and tracert introduction


The ping command is a very common debugging tool for testing the reachability of devices. It uses a series of Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) Echo messages to determine whether the remote device is available, round-trip delay, and packet loss.

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An AR router does not respond to a Tracert command, but can be pinged
By default, the function of responding to a Tracert request is not enabled on the AR router. Run the icmp port-unreachable command in the system view. Run a send command to enable the packet transmission function for the ICMP interfaces.

How to disable the tracert function on S series switches
S series switches (except the S1700) send ICMP Time Exceeded messages to obtain IP addresses of each hops using tracert. You can disable an interface from sending ICMP Time Exceeded messages to disable the tracert function. The configuration method is as follows: Disable VLANIF 100 from sending ICMP Time Exceeded messages. [HUAWEI] interface vlanif 100 [HUAWEI-Vlanif100] undo icmp ttl-exceeded send

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