L2-Aware NAT


L2-Aware NAT is a special NAT technology. Different from common NAT that maps private IP addresses and port IDs into public IP addresses and port IDs, L2-Aware NAT is a special NAT technology that maps private IP addresses and port IDs into public IP addresses and port IDs based on user location information. The user location information includes the PPP session ID, MAC address, and user VLAN ID.

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How to implement L2 VSI?
As an Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS)-based point-to-multipoint (P2MP) Layer 2 Virtual Private Network (L2VPN) service provided over a public network, the virtual private LAN service (VPLS) ensures that geographically isolated user sites can communicate over metropolitan area networks (MANs) and wide area networks (WANs) as if they were on the same local area network (LAN). VPLS is also called the Transparent LAN Service (TLS). Configuration Examples, For details, see: Example for Configuring Martini VPLS.

how did S switch isolate L2 traffic ?
S Switch can implement layer 2 isolation through traffic policy and port isolation.please refer http://support.huawei.com/ehedex/hdx.do?lib=DOC100000847031185721&docid=DOC1000008470&v=05&tocLib=DOC100000847031185721&tocV=05&id=dc_s_web_090157&tocURL=resources%252fs%252fdc%255fs%255fweb%255f090157%255fx7%252ehtml&p=t&fe=1&ui=3&keyword=isol&clientWidth=1325&browseTime=1490106452862

How does an S series switch process UDP packets when it functions as a Layer 2 switch
If an S series switch (except the S1700) functions as a Layer 2 switch, it does not identify UDP or TCP packets by default. The switch only forwards packets based on its original MAC address table.

Whether OSN 9800 supports L2 functions
V100R001C00 of OSN 9800 does not support L2 functions, whereas V100R001C00 does.

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