IPTV service interface introduction


IPTV service interfaces are used for service interconnection between the iVSE and IPTV service system.

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How to classify the interfaces of AR routers
For AR routers: Interfaces of a device are used to exchange data and interwork with other devices and can be classified into physical interfaces and logical interfaces, in which: 1. Physical interfaces are real interfaces supported by components and can be further classified into management interfaces and service interfaces. - Management interfaces: Management interfaces are used to support the configuration and management operations performed by users. Users can use management interfaces to log in to devices and perform configuration and management operations. Management interfaces do not transfer service data. - Service interfaces: Service interfaces are used to transfer service data and can be classified into LAN interfaces and WAN interfaces. LAN interfaces can be used by routers to exchange data with network devices in the LAN. WAN interfaces can be used by routers to exchange data with devices in the external networks which are far away from the routers. 2. Logical interfaces can implement data exchange but do not exist physically and must be established by configurations. Logical interfaces transfer service data.

Introduction to the CLIP service
The CLIP service displays caller information, such as the caller number and call time on a user terminal. The phone must support the CLIP function or a display connecting a common phone to a user line must be provided. The phone supporting CLIP can save multiple groups of caller numbers, and query or call back these numbers.

Method used to query the service mode and set the IPTV mode
The IPTV mode needs to be enabled only when the host service is IPTV. The command for enabling the IPTV mode can be executed only on the primary controller. The IPTV service refers to the video on demand (VOD) and recording services. The database is not the IPTV service. 1. Query the service mode. Log in to the CLI and run showservicemode to query the service mode. 2. Set the IPTV mode. Log in to the CLI and run setservicemode -m 1 to enable the IPTV mode. Note: The IPTV mode needs only to be enabled on one controller. After the IPTV mode is enabled, run resetsys to restart the system for the IPTV mode to take effect. 3. Restart the system as follows: OceanStor: admin > resetsys

GE electrical interface module
GE electrical interface modules are described as follows: A GE electrical interface module has four 1 Gbit/s electrical ports. These ports are the service ports used to connect the storage system to application servers and to receive data read/write requests from application servers.

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