GTSM principle introduction


As a TTL-detection based security mechanism, GTSM prevents attacks by checking the Time to Live (TTL) of packets. The TTL field exists in IP headers and is used to set the maximum number of devices that the packets can pass through. The GTSM mechanism, by ensuring that packets of a certain protocol or service are forwarded only when their TTL is within the specified range, protects the system from attacks.

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Principles of HSB
The AR supports the HSB function. HSB implementation involves data synchronization and traffic switching. Data synchronization is performed to ensure consistent information on the master and backup devices when the two devices are working normally. Traffic switching is performed to ensure non-stop service forwarding when the master device fails or recovers. The principle for data synchronization is to establish active and standby channels between devices that back up each other. Session entries of the master device can be synchronized to the backup device through the channel at one time, in real time, or periodically. The principle for traffic switching is based on negotiation between the master device and the backup device using VRRP. When the master device fails, a new master device is elected based on VRRP priorities and the traffic is switched to the master device. For details, see “HSB Configuration�?in AR100&AR120&AR150&AR160&AR200&AR1200&AR2200&AR3200&AR3600 V200R008 CLI-based Configuration Guide - Reliability.

Link aggregation principle on S series switches
Ethernet link aggregation, also called Eth-Trunk, bundles multiple physical links on S series switches (except the S1700) into a logical link to increase link bandwidth. The bundled links can increase the link reliability through mutual dynamic backup. Link aggregation is also called Ethernet link aggregation, port aggregation, link bundle, port bundle, Eth-Trunk, Eth-Trunk link aggregation, and interface aggregation. For more information about how link aggregation is implemented, see Link Aggregation Configuration in S1720&S2700&S5700&S6720 V200R010C00 Configuration Guide - Ethernet Switching. Link aggregation is implemented similarly on all S series switch models. The Sx700 series switch is used here as an example.

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