NE08E-S6E-supported services


NE08E-S6E-supported services: "Details"

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Cards on S series modular switches that support service port clustering
The page on the right describes the cards that support service port clustering for S series modular switches.

Services supported NQ2 boards
TN51NQ2 boards support ODU1 and ODU2 services. TN52NQ2 boards support the following services: Auto, ODU0, ODU1, and ODU2.

Boards supporting FC800 services
The TQX, TDX, and LOA boards support FC800 services.

What are service set types on an AC?
There are three types of service sets: - AP management: manages APs. APs determine whether to forward data upstream according to the data forwarding status of a management service set. - AC management: manages ACs. An AC identifies users according to VLAN information. After the AC determines that a user is in a management service set during authentication, it identifies the user as a management user and allows the user to access the AC using Telnet. - Service type: manages WLAN services but not APs or ACs.

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