NE08E-S6E switching capacity introduction


320G@256 bytes (upstream: 160 Gbit/s; downstream: 160 Gbit/s)

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Introduction to the agile switch
On an agile campus network, an agile switch is a replacement of the traditional switch. Different from a traditional switch, an agile switch has the full programmability by using the programmable Ethernet Network Processor (ENP) developed by Huawei. In addition to functions of a traditional switch, the agile switch has the agile awareness and execution capabilities to perceive users, applications, network quality, faults, and security issues, without compromising the switching capability. An agile switch has two major characters: - Flexible: The switch has full programmability to implement service customization and meet current and future service requirements of customers. - Fast: The switch has a high performance and fast response speed. It delivers high bandwidth, large tables, and large buffer, and implements fast service deployment and fault location. Huawei agile switches include S12700 and S5720-HI series switches.

Introduction of GRE VPN of S switches
Introduction to GRE of S series switches excluding the S1700: Generic Routing Encapsulation (GRE) encapsulates packets of some network-layer protocols, such as Internetwork Packet Exchange (IPX), IPv6, and AppleTalk, so that the encapsulated packets can be transmitted over networks of a different network-layer protocol, such as the IPv4 network. As a Layer 3 tunneling technology, GRE encapsulates packets of a protocol into packets of another protocol to transparently transmit packets over GRE tunnels. This technology enables packet transmission on heterogeneous networks. GRE is easy to implement, imposing low burden on devices on both ends of a tunnel. GRE tunnels can connect networks running various network protocols over the IPv4 network, using the original network architecture and reducing costs. GRE extends the operation scope of network protocols with limited hop counts, allowing for flexible enterprise networking. GRE connects discontinuous subnets and sets up VPNs, implementing secure connections between the enterprise headquarters and branches.

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