NED3CXPA functions


NED3CXPA function specifications:

Table 10 Functions and features

Functions and Features


Line-Rate capability

320G@256 bytes. The maximum allowed error is 0.01%. To be specific, 99.99% of the line rate is guaranteed.

Reliability and availability

Supports the hot swappable function.

Supports the board-level 1+1 backup function.

Interface function

Provides one 10 Mbit/s or 100 Mbit/s auto-sensing Ethernet NM interface or Console interface for communication with the NMS.

Provides one time input/output interface and provides the synchronization time source for the equipment.

Provides one clock input/output interface and provides the synchronization clock source for the equipment.

The interface provides one alarm input/output interface and three inputs of alarm digital parameters.

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