NED2MD1A heat dissipation value


NED2MD1A board specifications:

Table 8 Board specifications



Dimensions (H x W x D)

193.8mm x 209.3mm x 19.8mm

Typical power consumption

12.1 W

Typical heat dissipation

39.1 BTU/hour


0.5 kg (1.08 lb)

Ambient temperature

Long terms: -20 �?to 65 �?(-4�?to 149�?

Other related questions:
What are the requirements for heat dissipation of a switch
To ensure efficient heat dissipation of a switch, the following requirements must be met: -The air intake vents (at the front and the left side of the chassis) and air exhaust vents (at the rear of the chassis) are not blocked. The cabinet must have side panels to isolate the chassis from devices in other cabinets. The percentage of open area on the rear door must be larger than 50% to ensure good ventilation. -Fans are running normally. -The air filters are clean and not blocked so that air can enter the chassis.

How is the heat dissipation system improved
The heat dissipation system of the S7700&S9700 is improved in the following aspects: To facilitate cabling, the air exhaust vent is moved from the right side to the rear side of the chassis. The fan tray is in the right-rear area of the chassis. The left-to-rear ventilation path improves the heat dissipation performance. Each fan tray contains two fans. When a fan fails, the other one can support system running for a certain period. This improves system stability.

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