NED2EM4F BOM numbers


NED2EM4F board attributes:

Table 1 Board attributes



Board name silkscreen



4 Channels GE/FE Optical Interface Board





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Description of a board BOM number
Question: The BOM number of an SSEM2LWFS01 board with the FEC function is 2102312796105B000136. What do the 20 digits in the BOM number mean? Analysis: The first two digits 21 indicate a configuration board. The third to tenth digits are the BOM number, which is 02312796 in the example. The 11th digit indicates the EMS code, and 1 indicates production by Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. The 12th and 13th digits indicate the last two digits of the year. In the example, 05 indicates 2005. The 14th digit indicates the month. It is represented in hexadecimal notation, that is, 1, 2, 3...9, A (10), B (11), and C (12). In the example, B indicates November. The last six digits indicate a sequence number. Answer: You need to familiarize yourself with the preceding description to check board BOM numbers. Suggestion and conclusion: None

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