How to check the board ESNs or other device information of an NE router


To check the ESNs of the master and slave main control boards, run the display esn command.

To check inventory chassis information, including the chassis name, E-label on the backplane, PCB version number, and chassis number, run the display inventory chassis command.

To check inventory board information, including the board name, e-label, version type, version number, and slot ID, run the display inventory board command.
There are two FTP transmission modes: binary transmission and text transmission. If the text transmission mode is used, certain content is automatically converted after FTP transmission. Therefore, it is advised to use the binary transmission mode to transfer a binary file, such as the system software file.

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How do I obtain the ESN of the device
The Electronic Serial Number (ESN) of the device is unique. The ESN of the device is required when you request a license. You can run the display esn command to view the ESN of the device.

how could we check the esn information of SwitchCenter via command line?
1. login the SwitchCenter via SSH2,make sure the port number is 122, by default the user and password it`s admin and Change_Me. 2. execute the command `esn-all` 3. you will get the result of esn information

How to check the ESN of the U1980
Two methods are available: 1. Using commands: Run the show license command. 2. Using the web: Log in to the web management system and choose System Management > License Information.

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