How to change the log storage path of an NE router


Run the set logfile-path slot slot-id { cfcard | cfcard2 } command in the system view.

By default, log files are stored on CF card 2 of a device.

The slot-id parameter can specify only a path on the master main control board. To specify a storage path on the slave main control board, perform a master/slave main control board switchover first.

After log files are output to the specified CF card, the CF card automatically creates a folder named log. All log files generated by a device are stored in this folder.

This method applies to NE20Es, NE40Es, ME60s, and NE5000Es.

Other related questions:
Can I configure the path for storing log files of AR series routers
By default, the log files of AR1200 series routers are stored on the USB flash drive, and the log files of AR2200, AR3600, and AR3200 are stored on the SD card. If USB flash drive or SD card is unavailable, log files cannot be stored.

From V200R005C10, the log files of AR1200 series are saved in the flash memory by default.

The AR3600 series routers are released from V200R006C10.

Run the info-center logfile path command to configure the path where log files are stored.

How is an NE router's interface speed modified
Run the speed command in the interface view to modify the interface speed. Different types of interfaces support different speeds. Configure an acceptable speed based on the speed range displayed on the NE device.

How to change the information storage capacity of the log buffer on S series switches
For S series switches (except the S1700), run the following commands in the system view to change the storage capacity of the log buffer: -Run the info-center logbuffer size command to configure the maximum number of logs in the log buffer. -Run the info-center trapbuffer size command to configure the maximum number of traps in the trap buffer.

Methods for changing NE names of 1600G devices using commands
You can run the :cfg-set-nename:64 command to change the NE ID.

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