Why does a STA fail to discover the SSID of an AP when the AP software version is correct and has correct WLAN configuration


1. The SSID hiding function is enabled using the ssid-hide command in the service set view. In this case, run the undo ssid-hide command in the service set view to disable the SSID hiding function.
2. When the device functions as an AC, you can run the display ap-run-info command to check whether the AP works properly.

Other related questions:
Why does HWTACACS authentication fail when the HWTACACS configuration is correct
The HWTACACS server template configuration of the AR is correct. In AAA mode, the HWTACACS authentication configuration and configuration of the remote TACACS server are correct. The possible causes for HWTACACS authentication failures are as follows: - The client's IP address is not configured on the TACACS server, so the TACACS server does not send authentication packets. - Different shared keys are configured on the AR and TACACS server.

Why does the SSID of an AP disappear intermittently on a STA when the AP is running normally
Possible causes are: -Automatic channel adjustment is enabled on the AP, so the AP continuously adjust channels to obtain the best radio performance. The radio module of the AP is reset when the channel is changed. You can run the channel-mode fixed command in the radio profile view to solve this problem. -The STA is far from the AP or is blocked by an obstacle. As a result, the receive signal strength on the STA is weak.

Why cannot a STA associate with an AP when the authentication mode is WPA/WAP2-PSK and the WLAN configuration is correct
802.1x authentication is not enabled globally. To address this problem, run the dot1x enable command in the system view to enable global 802.1x authentication.

Why does a STA fail to associate with an AP when WEP and TKIP encryption is configured in 802.11n mode
The 802.11n does not define the WEP or TKIP encryption mode. When the two encryption modes are used, STAs may fail to associate with the AP.

Failed to roll back the software version of an AP
Fit AP version rollback: AP# upgrade version ftp Fitxx.bin admin admin # Upgrade the system version using FTP. AP# reboot # Restart the AP. Perform the version rollback in the following sequence: V200R006/V200R005 --> V200R003 --> V2R002/V200R001 The minimum version supported by Fat APs is V200R003. For details about AP version rollback, see the appropriate upgrade guide. No special configuration is required.

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