How many wireless users does an AR router support


For the number of APs supported by the AR used as an AC, contact Huawei technical support personnel. Starting from V200R006, you can run the max-user-number command to configure the maximum number of access users in a service set. By default, the maximum number of access users in a service set is 32.

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Can AR1220 support 100 users
As described on brochures, AR1220 can support 100 users if the traffic of each user is not large. However, the performance of AR1220 may decrease if the traffic of each user is large. Recommended user numbers of different devices are described as follows: AR3260: more than 350 users AR2220: 50 to 350 users AR1200: fewer than 50 users AR150 and AR200: fewer than 30 users

How many user levels does an AR router support
An AR router supports user levels 0-15. The value 0 indicates the visit level, value 1 indicates the user level, value 2 indicates the configuration level, values 3 to 15 indicate the management level.

How many concurrent online SSL VPN users are supported on an AR
If only the value-added package for security services is purchased, a device supports a maximum of two concurrent online users. A maximum of 10, 25, or 100 concurrent online users are supported using a license.

How many users does the U1910 support?
The U1910 supports a maximum of 100 users.

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