Configure WDS on AR routers


All the AR routers except the AR502EG-L*, AR502EGW-L*, AR530 series routers, AR550 series routers, and AR2500 series routers support WDS.
A wireless distribution system (WDS) connects two or more wired or wireless LANs wirelessly to establish a large network to transmit data.
To complete the configuration of WDS, perform the following steps in sequence:
Create a WMM profile, configure a radio profile, bind the WMM profile to the radio profile, add an AP, bind a radio to the radio profile, enable the bridge function, configure the bridge mode, configure a security profile and define WPA2+PSK+CCMP, configure a bridge profile and bind it to the radio, configure bridge whitelist (optional), configure parameters for the AP wired interface, configure STP (optional), configure parameters sent to the AP, and check the configuration.
For details, see WDS Configuration.

Other related questions:
How to log in to the device on AR routers for the first time through a console port
When you log in to the device through the console port, you need to install the terminal access software on the local PC (such as SecureCRT software) and set parameters of the terminal simulation software. After the login succeeds, you can configure the following parameters based on the requirements:
- Set the system date, time and time zone.
- Set the device name and management IP address.
- Set other login modes.
For example, after a user logs in through the console port for the first time, the configuration of remote login through Telnet is as follows:
1. Set the system date, time, and time zone.
clock timezone BJ add 08:00:00
clock datetime 20:10:00 2012-07-26
2. Set the device name and management IP address
[Huawei] sysname Server
[Server] interface gigabitethernet 0/0/0
[Server-GigabitEthernet0/0/0] ip address 24
[Server-GigabitEthernet0/0/0] quit
3. Set the level and authentication mode of the Telnet user
[Server] telnet server enable
[Server] user-interface vty 0 4
[Server-ui-vty0-4] user privilege level 15
[Server-ui-vty0-4] authentication-mode aaa
[Server-ui-vty0-4] quit
[Server] aaa
[Server-aaa] local-user admin1234 password irreversible-cipher Helloworld@6789
[Server-aaa] local-user admin1234 privilege level 15
[Server-aaa] local-user admin1234 service-type telnet
[Server-aaa] quit

Configure multicast on the AR router
For the AR router, the configuration roadmap is as follows: 1. Configure the Layer 3 multicast function on the Layer 3 network to implement multicast routing (supported by some AR models). a. Configure a unicast routing protocol to achieve unicast interworking. This is the prerequisite of multicast routing. b. Configure PIM-SM and configure a multicast traffic aggregation point as the rendezvous point (RP). c. Enable IGMP on interfaces of user gateways to learn multicast service requirements of users. PIM generates multicast routes based on IGMP group information and forwards multicast data to receiver network segments. 2. Configure Layer 2 multicast on the Layer 2 network to forward multicast data to Layer 2 outbound physical interfaces accurately. a. Enable IGMP snooping in a VLAN.

WLAN security of AR routers
WLAN security is as follows: User access security: Link authentication, access authentication, and data encryption are used to ensure validity and security of user access on wireless networks. Service security: This feature protects service data of authorized user from being intercepted by unauthorized users during transmission. For details, see WLAN Security Configuration.

How to configure the WDS function for a WLAN device
Fat APs do not support the WDS function. Currently, the WDS function is supported only in the AC+Fit AP architecture. However, in this architecture, the AP6310SN-GN, AP2010DN, AP2030DN, AP7030DE, AP9330DN, AD9430DN-24 (including connected RUs), and AD9430DN-12 (including connected RUs) do not support the WDS function. In WDS networking, Huawei APs cannot be interconnected to non-Huawei devices. For WDS configuration in the AC+Fit AP architecture, see: V200R005: WDS Configuration. V200R006: WDS Configuration.

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