Which forwarding mode does the AR support when it functions as an AC


The AR supports local forwarding but not centralized forwarding to transmit service data packets.

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Which IKE negotiation mode does an AR support when NAT traversal is configured on the AR
When NAT traversal is configured on an IPSec-enabled AR router, the router supports aggressive and main modes. Note: The main mode is supported in V200R005C00 and later versions.

Which online AP upgrade mode does the AR support when it functions as an AC
The AR supports the FTP upgrade mode.

Forwarding mode supported by the AR used as the AC
The AR supports only local forwarding of users' service data packets, and does not support centralized forwarding for the users' service data packets.

Which Forwarding Modes Does ELB Support?

ELB supports the following forwarding modes:

  • Round robin: sends requests to backend ECSs in polling mode. This forwarding rule applies to short-connection services, such as the HTTP service.
  • Least connections: preferentially sends requests to the backend ECS with the least connections. This forwarding rule applies to long-connection services, such as the database service.
  • Source IP address: calculates the hash value of the request source IP address and sends requests to a matched ECS. This forwarding rule ensures that requests initiated from the same source IP addresses are sent to a fixed ECS. This rule applies to TCP connections of load balancers that do not use cookies.

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