Which services does ATM support


The Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) supports the following four services that are based on permanent virtual circuits (PVC): constant bit rate (CBR), unspecified bit rate (UBR), real-time variable bit rate (RT-VBR), and non-real-time variable bit rate (NRT-VBR).

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What network scenarios does ATM support
ATM supports network scenarios including IPoA, PPPoA, IPoEoA, PPPoEoA, MPoA and MPoEoA.

Which ATM services do AR routers support
AR routers support four PVC-based ATM service types: CBR, UBR, VBR-RT, and VBR-NRT.

What are the network applications of ATM services
ATM services support six scenarios: IPoA, PPPoA, IPoEoA, PPPoEoA, MPoA, and MPoEoA.

What encapsulation types and protocols does the ATM PVC support
AR routers support the AAL5 LLC/SNAP encapsulation protocol and the VC-MUX encapsulation protocol.

Services supported NQ2 boards
TN51NQ2 boards support ODU1 and ODU2 services. TN52NQ2 boards support the following services: Auto, ODU0, ODU1, and ODU2.

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