Fiber connector on the MA5616


Fiber connector on the MA5616: SC/PC, LC/PC, and FC/PC optical connectors

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What type of connectors (male or female) do 40GE optical fibers have
40GE MPO optical fibers provided by Huawei have female connectors.

Mini-SAS HD connector
The Mini-SAS HD connector on the mainboard of the RH2288 V3 and RH2288H V3 is used to connect SAS cables from the front hard disk backplane for SoftRAID-based RAID management.

eSpace 7900 and 7800 series IP phones have different requirements for the wired headset
The headset connector of the eSpace 7900 IP phones is U10P, and that of the eSpace 7800 series IP phones is U10PS.

What is the resistance of the U1981 BNC connector?
75 ohm.

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