Why the PVC status of the remote device is affected in the FRoIP scenario where the tunnel interface of the local device receives LMIs after the timeout or does not receive LMIs


When the tunnel interface of the local device receives LMIs after the timeout or does not receive LMIs, the local device considers the PVC status of the GRE tunnel Down. The local device encapsulates the PVC status in the LMI KEEPLIVE packet to be sent to the remote device. After the remote device receives the LMI KEEPLIVE packet, it obtains the PVC status and sets its PVC status to Down.

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Why are accounting packets received when commands are run on devices
This occurs so that devices can record history commands. To disable this function, run the undo cmd recording-scheme command in the AAA view.

Why is multicast forwarding interrupted on an interface after the interface receives Hello messages
After static IGMP groups are configured on an interface, the device uses the PIM protocol to set up multicast forwarding entries. Multicast data can be forwarded through the interface as long as the interface is included in the downstream interface list in the corresponding multicast forwarding entry. If the source address of a received PIM Hello message is larger than the interface address, or the DR priority of the PIM Hello message is larger than the priority of the interface, the switch can no longer function as the DR. All data packets on a shared network segment are forwarded by the DR is no Assert election occurs. Therefore, the device considers that multicast data packets will be forwarded by the new DR and then prunes the downstream interface.

Why Does the Subscriber Fail to Receive Messages After I Publish Messages to the Topic?

After subscribing to a topic, the subscriber receives a confirmation notification. If not confirming the subscription, the subscriber cannot receive messages you published to the topic.

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