Why the FR link protocol cannot go up


The possible cause is that the interface configurations on the two ends are incorrect, including:

-The interface types must be DTE on one end and DCE on the other end.
-The DLCI is not configured on the interface or the DLCI range setting is incorrect. The DLCI ranges from 16 to 1022.
-The FR Local Management Interface (LMI) protocol types are different.
-The FR encapsulation formats configured on the two ends are different. When the FR protocol is used as the encapsulation protocol, the default frame encapsulation format is IETF.
-If the E1/T1 board is used, the interface TSs on the two ends do not completely match.

Other related questions:
What it means when the state of the FR link protocol is Up
It means that the negotiation of the Local Management Interface (LMI) protocol is successful. You can run the display fr interface command to check the FR protocol information about the interface.

Why cannot an AP go online when the AR functions as an AC

An electrical port of a WLAN device cannot go Up
1. After a 100M/1000M electrical port on a WLAN device is connected to a port on the peer device, configure the electrical port to work in auto-negotiation mode. 2. If the fault persists, check whether the port on the peer device works in auto-negotiation mode. 3. If the port still cannot go Up when a Huawei WLAN device is connected to a non-Huawei WLAN device, configure ports on both devices to work in forcible mode. 4. If the fault persists, perform a loopback test by connecting the electrical port to another port on the same card on the Huawei device using an Ethernet cable. - If the electrical port goes Up, the peer device may be faulty. Contact the vendor of the peer device to rectify the fault. - If the fault persists, connect the Ethernet cable to another port on the same card. If the electrical port still cannot go Up, the card is faulty. Contact Huawei technical support personnel to rectify the fault.

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