Pin assignment of the network cable on the MA5616


For the pin assignment of the network cable on the MA5616, visit Click here.

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What E1 cables does AR1200 use
E1 cables used by AR routers and the line orders of the cables are described as follows: E1 cables include DB9-BNC cables and RJ45-BNC cables. The impedance of the cables can be 75 ohms, 120 ohms, and 100 ohms. Note: You are not advised to make E1 cables by yourself. 1. DB9-BNC cables: (apply to E1 cards with one interface or two interfaces) DB9 pin1---Rx+Signal---BNC1 core wire (Rx) DB9 pin2---Rx-Signal---BNC1 insulated wire (GND) DB9 pin6---Tx+Signal---BNC1 core wire (Tx) DB9 pin7---Tx-Signal---BNC1 insulated wire (GND) 2. RJ45-BNC cables: (apply to E1 cards with four and eight interfaces) RJ45 pin1---Rx-Signal---BNC1 core wire (Rx) RJ45 pin2---Rx+Signal---BNC1 insulated wire (GND) RJ45 pin4---Tx-Signal---BNC1 core wire (Tx) RJ45 pin5---Tx+Signal---BNC1 insulated wire (GND) 3. Pin definition: Assume that a DB9 connector is put in a method that the wider end is at the top, Pin 1 to Pin 9 of the connector are defined in a sequence from left to right and from top to bottom. Assume that an RJ45 connector is laid flat, Pin 1 to Pin 8 of the RJ45 connector are defined in a sequence from left to right when you face to the front of the connector.

Pin assignments of the OSU or ASI board on U1900
For details, see Appendixes > Assembling the RJ11 Connector (for High-Density User Cables) in the Quick Installation Guide .

What are the pin assignments of the digital trunk cables of the U1900 unified gateway?
For details, see Reference > Pin Assignment Reference > E1/T1 Trunk Cable Pin Assignments in the eSpace U1900 Series Unified Gateway Product Documentation.

Pin assignments for converting unbalanced into balanced for the E1 port on the U1980
After the unbalanced cable of the E1 port is converted into a balanced cable, the pin assignments are as follows: BNC: RX <--> RJ45: 1/2 BNC: TX <--> RJ45: 4/5

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