After a user logs in to outlook web access 2010 through the SSL VPN gateway, the user cannot log in to outlook web access 2007. How is the problem solved


Outlook web access 2007 and 2010 addresses are configured through the web proxy function of SSL VPN. After a user logs in to Outlook Web Access 2010, the user fails to log in to Outlook Web Access 2007. The system displays a message indicating session timeout. This is because Outlook Web Access 2010 reserves user authentication information in the browser buffer and such information cannot be processed by Outlook Web Access 2007.

If the user wants to log in to Outlook Web Access 2007, perform the following operations:
1. Log out of Outlook Web Access 2010.
2. Close the browser and re-open the browser and log in to the SSL VPN gateway.
3. In the web proxy list, click the Outlook Web Access 2007 address and enter the user name and password to log in to the email account.

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Users can open QQ but cannot access the Internet
Q: Users can open QQ but cannot access the Internet A: Check whether the DNS configuration on the PC is correctly configured. Check whether the configuration is improved using the public DNS or Contact the carrier for further analysis if there is no improvement. The causes are as follows: The main difference between the Internet access and QQ is that the DNS resolution is the first step to access a web page, while QQ does not require resolution. Therefore, the rate of the DNS returned packets determines failed or slow Internet access. If QQ can run normally, the link is available. The problem may exist in DNS if the web page is not displayed.

How do I view login records of L2TP VPN users on the AR router
You cannot view login records of L2TP VPN users on the AR router.

Problem and solution when the firewall cannot access web proxy resources
What if the web proxy resource page cannot be accessed? Solution: 1. Check whether the configured URL is correct. 2. If the configured URL is correct, ensure that the configured intranet URL can be properly accessed. 3. If the fault persists, try the web link mode. Note: To ensure that the web link function takes effect, use Internet Explorer and install the ActiveX control.

Why does a user automatically log out a while after logging in to the SSL VPN gateway through the web UI
The default session timeout time of the SSL VPN gateway is 5 minutes. If a user does not perform any operations within 5 minutes, the user automatically logs out. You can take the following steps to change the session timeout time: 1.Choose Network > SSL VPN > SSL VPN. 2.Click the Gateway Configuration tab. 3.In Session Timeout, enter a value you want to set. The session timeout time, also called the aging time, is the time when a user connection is terminated because no traffic is transmitted. After the timeout time elapses, the server and client must re-authenticate each other, and the user must re-log in. NOTICE: To allow users to use the same user account but different IP addresses to log in to the SSL VPN gateway, use the default value of Session Timeout (5 minutes).

Why is a user still displayed online on the SSL VPN gateway after the user closes the SSL VPN gateway page on a client
The user may only close the current tab or the browser without clicking Logout. After the previous operation, the user account is still displayed as an online user on the SSL VPN gateway. Wait a period of time and you can see that the user account is deleted from the user list. This waiting period is the session timeout time.

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