How to delete the configuration of SSL VPN on an AR


1. Log in to the web system, and choose VPN > SSL VPN. The
Virtual Gateway Management page is displayed.
Click delete, and then click yes in the displayed dialog box.
The virtual gateway is deleted from the virtual gateway list.
2. Alternatively, run commands to delete a virtual gateway.
[Huawei]undo sslvpn gateway huawei //The name of a virtual gateway is huawei.

Other related questions:
Does an AR support SSL VPN?
In V200R002C00 and later versions, AR routers support SSL VPN. The AR509CG-Lc, AR509CG-Lt, AR509CG-Lt-7, AR515GW-LM9-D, and AR502&AR550 series routers do not support SSL VPN.

How many concurrent online SSL VPN users are supported on an AR
If only the value-added package for security services is purchased, a device supports a maximum of two concurrent online users. A maximum of 10, 25, or 100 concurrent online users are supported using a license.

After the AR is upgraded, SSL VPN login fails
If the configuration file contains "http server load flash:/", the web file of the old version specified in configuration is still used. As a result, the current version of the device is not compatible with the old one. Delete the configuration of "http server load flash:/"

Does an AR support access to the SSL VPN gateway using a domain name
In V200R002C00SPC200 and later versions, the AR supports access to the SSL VPN gateway using a domain name.

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