Why an IPSec tunnel between AR routers frequently flaps


Possible causes for frequent flapping of an IPSec tunnel include:
- The intermediate network is unstable.
- Interfaces frequently alternate between Up and Down.
- During DPD detection configuration, the sequence of the payload in DPD packets on both ends is inconsistent.
To solve this problem, run the dpd msg { seq-hash-notify | seq-notify-hash } command in the IKE peer view to modify the configuration.
- The BFD or NQA status is unstable when the IPSec tunnel is associated with BFD/NAQ.

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Number of IPSec tunnels supported by the AR
Hi, I cannot answer this question. For details about product specifications, dial 4008229999.

Method used to establish an IPSec tunnel between the AR and PC
An IPSec tunnel is established between the AR and PC. This example applies to all AR models of V200R002C00 and later versions. For details about the configuration, see "Example for Configuring an IPSec Tunnel for Remote Dial-Up Users to Connect to the Headquarters" of "Using VPN to Implement WAN Interconnection" in Typical Configuration Examples.

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