Parameters of the GPON optical module on the MA5616


Parameters of the one-fiber bidirectional GPON optical module on the MA5616 are as follows:

  • Operating wavelength: Tx: 1310 nm; Rx: 1490 nm

  • Encapsulation mode: SFP

  • Rate: Tx: 1.244 Gbit/s; Rx: 2.488 Gbit/s

  • Minimum output optical power: 0.5 dBm

  • Maximum output optical power: 5.0 dBm

  • Maximum Rx sensitivity: -27.0 dBm

  • Optical port type: SC/PC

  • Fiber type: single-mode

  • Transmission distance: 20.0 km

  • Overload optical power: -8 dBm

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How to view optical power parameters
Run the display transceiver interface command to view optical power parameters. For example: display transceiver interface gigabitethernet 0/0/1 verbose GigabitEthernet0/0/1 transceiver information: ------------------------------------------------------------- Common information: Transceiver Type :1000_BASE_SX_SFP Connector Type :LC Wavelength(nm) :850 Transfer Distance(m) :300(50um),150(62.5um) Digital Diagnostic Monitoring :YES Vendor Name :SumitomoElectric Ordering Name : ------------------------------------------------------------- Manufacture information: Manu. Serial Number :88K056C10353 Manufacturing Date :2008-08-08 Vendor Name :SumitomoElectric ------------------------------------------------------------- Diagnostic information: Temperature(??C) :26.00 Temp High Threshold(??C) :85.00 Temp Low Threshold(??C) :-40.00 Voltage(V) :3.29 Volt High Threshold(V) :3.64 Volt Low Threshold(V) :2.95 Bias Current(mA) :4.57 Bias High Threshold(mA) :9.00 Bias Low Threshold(mA) :2.00 RX Power(dBM) :-40.00 RX Power High Threshold(dBM) :0.00 RX Power Low Threshold(dBM) :-16.99 TX Power(dBM) :-5.03 TX Power High Threshold(dBM) :-2.22 TX Power Low Threshold(dBM) :-6.99 -------------------------------------------------------------

Difference between colored optical modules and colorless optical modules
Colored optical modules support fixed wavelengths. Colorless optical modules support multiple wavelengths and combine them into white light. Therefore, colorless optical modules support tunable wavelengths.

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