What is the CID service


The Calling Identity Delivery (CID) service or the Calling Line Identification Presentation (CLIP) service enables the AR router to send the calling party's number and call time to the called party and the calling party's number and call time displayed on the terminal device. This service requires phones supporting CID or calling number identifier between a common phone and a user line. The phones supporting CID can save numbers from multiple groups of incoming calls and provide number query and callback.

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What is image service
IMS provides easy-to-use self-service image management functions. You can apply for an Elastic Cloud Server (ECS) using either a private image or a public image. You can also create a private image using an existing ECS or an external image file.

What is a backup service
A backup is generated in a backup operation for a backup object. A backup can be used to restore data of the source backup object. It can be generated in a one-off or periodic method.

What is a service in the FusionInsight system?
A service is a kind of service capability provided by a component in a cluster. Each component in the cluster provides a service and is named by the service. For example, HBase, HDFS, and Spark are all service names.

What is the meaning of Secretary Service
The secretary feature allows a secretary to manually filter calls made to a manager. Calls made to a manager are first forwarded to a secretary. The secretary's phone rings, and the manager's phone does not ring. The secretary answers the call and determines whether to forward the call to the manager. One secretary number corresponds to one manager number, and the two numbers belong to the same PBX. Only the secretary can directly dial the manager number.

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