What functions does an FXS interface provide in the voice feature


Foreign exchange station (FXS) access is analog access. FXS sets up a connection between a PSTN network and a POTS phone or fax machine.

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Does the 8EI card provide the T1 and voice E1 functions
The 8E1 card is added in V200R003C00. It currently supports the E1 function and reserves the capability to support T1 and voice E1 (VE1) functions.

What is the function of the FXS interface of an AR router
The function of the FXS interface of an AR router is described as follows: The FXS interface is used to access the analog devices of users. It works as a physical connector which connects a digital telephone switching system and a user device, such as a POTS telephone or a fax machine.

Does the voice feature require a license
To use the voice PBX function, apply for and install a commercial license. You can run the display license state command to view the license status.

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