Is there a possibility that the AR cannot detect the DTMF tone using G.729


G.729 is a lossy audio data compression and may cause the AR's failure to detect the DTMF tone.

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A DSP module does not work properly
The problem may be caused by the following reasons: 1. The DSP DIMM module is not installed or not properly installed. 2. An audio license file is not installed on the system. For details, see the following URL: DSP无法正常工作

Is it possible that the DTMF secondary dial tone cannot be detected if the G.729 codec mode is used
The DTMF second dial tone may not be detected because the G.729 codec mode is a lossy codec mode.

Whether the 100 G WDM equipment can use the OTDR to detect fiber cuts
The equipment supports the FD since V100R009. This function requires the TN12ST2 and TN13FIU boards, U2000 license, and MDS 6630.

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