How to switch voice service modes of AR router


To switch the voice service mode of the AR router, run the service-mode { sipag | pbx | h248ag } command in the voice view.
Note: Before switching to another voice service mode, delete all configuration data in current mode. After the voice service mode is switched, save the configuration and restart the device to make the configuration take effect.

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How to disable the web function on an AR router
How to disable the web function on an AR router? For routers that support web NMS, disable the HTTP server on the routers to disable the web function. Specific method is as follows: [Huawei] undo http server enable //Disable the HTTP service. [Huawei] undo http secure-server enable //Disable the HTTPS service.

What is a voice VLAN of an AR router
A voice VLAN is divided for user voice data flow. By creating such a voice VLAN and adding the interface that connects to a voice device to the voice VLAN, voice data flow can be transmitted on the voice VLAN to ensure transmission quality.

How to configure the voice function on the AR router
1. Configure the AR router to work in PBX, SIP AG, or H248 AG mode. 2. Configure initial information, such as media and signaling IP address pools, country code and area code, enterprise, and DN set. 3. Configure the SIP server. 4. Configure users. 5. Configure a call prefix. 6. Configure a trunk group. 7. Configure a call route.

Which voice service modes do AR series routers support
Currently, AR series routers support the following two voice service modes: Session Initiation Protocol access gateway (SIP AG) ,H.248 access gateway (H248AG) and private branch exchange (PBX). You can run the display voice service-mode command to view the voice service modes of the current AR. To switch between modes, run the service-mode { sipag | h248ag | pbx } command in the voice view. NOTE: Before switching voice modes, delete all configuration data in current mode. Change and save the new configuration, and reboot the device to enable the new mode.

Voice and video services are no smooth when MP services are deployed on the AR router
When MP services are deployed, QoS LLQ queues are often used in the uplink and special flows enter LLQ queues. Low delay and packet loss ratio are ensured for LLQ queues that voice services enter. To ensure that voice and video services are rapidly and smoothly transmitted, enable LFI on the MP-group interface. Run the ppp mp lfi command in the MP-group interface view.

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