What are the advantages of a SIPAG if it is used as a voice access gateway


A SIPAG has the following advantages if it is used as a voice access gateway:
- Low cost: Traditional telephone and fax services use the circuit switch method, in which communication lines are exclusively used. Therefore, the cost is high when users use toll call services. The VoIP can be achieved if SIPAGs are used as voice access gateways, which can reduce the communication cost.
- Guaranteed voice quality: The call completion rate, voice quality, and service types can be guaranteed with methods such as QoS.
- Smooth upgrade and expansion: SIPAGs are compatible to the existing system and can interconnect with the existing working platform. The capability of a system using SIPAGs can smoothly expand with the expansion of the system scale.

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What are benefits of using SIP AGs as voice gateways
The AR router supports the SIP AG function to provide VoIP services, which brings the following benefits: -Lower costs: Traditional call and fax services use the circuit switching mode, in which each call session occupies a circuit. Therefore, fees are high, especially when users make long-distance calls. VoIP services use the packet switching mode, and call fees are much lower. -High call quality: SIP AGs ensure call completion rate, voice quality, and service types by configuring QoS. -Smooth upgrade/capacity expansion: A VoIP system is compatible with the existing telephony systems and office platforms, and the service capacity can be increased when the enterprise scale expands.

How does the local regeneration function of the U1900 voice gateway work?
1. All SIP users and IP phones connected to the IAD at the local node are configured with two SIP server addresses and register with the central node preferentially. If they fail to register with the central node, they register with the local node. 2. Analog users connected to the analog subscriber boards of the U1900 voice gateway at the local node register with the central node in proxy mode through the local node. 3. The local node uses SIP heartbeat messages to monitor the central node status. If the local node is disconnected from the central node, the local node takes over all services and terminal registration is not limited. The service recovery of the central node must be completed within 30 days. Otherwise, terminals at the local node cannot register with the local node.

Can the U1900 voice gateway interconnect with the access network device MA5620 or MA5610?
The U1900 voice gateway does not support the H.248 protocol and therefore cannot interconnect with access network devices.

How many DID numbers does a voice gateway support?
For the SoftCo and U1900 series voice gateways, DID numbers are long numbers of users (PSTN numbers allocated by the carrier). You can configure a long number for each user number created on the device. The maximum number of DID numbers is limited by the device performance and user license. Maximum number of users supported by each device: SoftCo 3500: 100 SoftCo 5500: 300 SoftCo 5816: 800 SoftCo 7500: 1000 SoftCo 9500: 10,000 U1910: 100 U1911: 100 U1930: 300 U1960: 1000 U1980: 10,000 U1981: 20,000

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