What is the call route of the AR router


A call route binds an inter-office call prefix to a trunk group so that calls with the specified call prefix are transmitted on the specified trunk line.

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What are priorities of static routes and default routes of the AR router
Default routes can be statically configured or dynamically generated through dynamic routing protocols. If the default route is dynamically generated through dynamic routing protocols, its priority is the same as corresponding protocol. If the default route is statically configured, the default priority is 60, which is similar to that of the static route. Routes comply with the longest mask bit match principle. Specific routes are matched first, and then default routes are matched if the specific routes are not matched.

Method used to configure a static route on the AR router
The procedure for configuring static route on the AR router is as follows: - Use command lines. [RouterA] ip route-static //Configure a default route that is often used at the egress of a small-sized company. The address is the gateway address of the carrier. When the specific route cannot be matched, data flows are forwarded to If the device has only one default route, all the data packets are forwarded to by default. [RouterB] ip route-static //Configure the route to network segment The next hop of the route is, which is the specific route but not the default route. Use the web platform. For details, see Example for Configuring IPv4 Static Routes .

Common commands used to delete routes on AR routers
The ip address command configures an IP address for an interface. The undo ip address command deletes an IP address from an interface. The ip route-static command configures a static route. The ip route-static command deletes the configured static route. The ip ip-prefix command configures an IPv4 prefix list or one entry in the IPv4 prefix list. The undo ip ip-prefix command deletes an IPv4 prefix list or one entry in the IPv4 prefix list.

What is the call prefix of the AR router
A call prefix, an important attribute of the call service, defines a call number rule and describes the call number distribution and routing plans in an exchange office. A call prefix identifies the service attribute (basic service or supplementary service; intra-office call, national long-distance call, or international long-distance call) of a dialing plan and determines the range of dialed number length. Call prefixes can also be used to control call permissions. A PBX checks the validity of a dialed number and connects or rejects the call based on the call prefix. A call can be connected correctly only if the call matches the correct call prefix. Therefore, a correct call prefix configuration is the key to the call service. A call must match at least one call prefix.

What are the functions of call routes
Call routes bind outgoing call prefixes to trunk groups to map outgoing call prefixes and trunks.

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