What is the call prefix of the AR router


A call prefix, an important attribute of the call service, defines a call number rule and describes the call number distribution and routing plans in an exchange office. A call prefix identifies the service attribute (basic service or supplementary service; intra-office call, national long-distance call, or international long-distance call) of a dialing plan and determines the range of dialed number length. Call prefixes can also be used to control call permissions. A PBX checks the validity of a dialed number and connects or rejects the call based on the call prefix. A call can be connected correctly only if the call matches the correct call prefix. Therefore, a correct call prefix configuration is the key to the call service. A call must match at least one call prefix.

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How to call an ACL on an interface of an AR router
Run the traffic-filter command in the interface view to configure an ACL-based packet filtering function.

What is the call route of the AR router
A call route binds an inter-office call prefix to a trunk group so that calls with the specified call prefix are transmitted on the specified trunk line.

What are call prefixes
A call prefix is an important property of the call service. The call prefix defines the number rule of the call connection, and reflects the numbering and routing solution of a switch office. The call prefix determines the service type of a dial rule (a basic service or a supplementary service; an office internal service, a local call, or a toll call), and specifies the length of numbers. The call prefix can also be used to control call rights. A private branch exchange (PBX) system verifies the validity of the numbers dialed by users based on call prefixes, and processes the numbers. Proper call prefixes are critical to a successful service configuration. Users' calls must match call prefixes so that calls can be connected. One or more call prefixes may be matched during a call (a basic service or a supplementary service).

How to add prefix for called number on U19
It can be done by Configuring number conversion for associated prefix. Please refer to the product document: ; Configuration > Configuration Guide > Advanced Configuration > Setting Number Conversion Mode

What configurations are required so that the U1911 deletes the prefixes of the called numbers when terminating incoming calls?
Add the number change rule and set the length of the number to be deleted. When configuring the incoming prefix, reference the number change rule to delete the prefix.

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