Diameter of the DC power cable on the MA5616


Cross-sectional area of the DC power cable on the MA5616: 18 AWG (0.83 mm2)

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What's the power cable Requirements for AC/DC power distribution
The conductor in the neutral wire must have the same cross-sectional area as the conductor in the live wire. The DC power feeder should be selected based on the long-term load. If the cross-sectional area exceeds 95 mm2, a hard bus cable should be used. If there is a great difference between the short-term load and the long-term load, cables can be routed by stage. AC/DC conducting wires should be flame-retardant and be routed according to the Code for fire protection design of tall buildings (GB50045-95). Low voltage power distribution rooms should be designed and configured according to the Code for low voltage distribution and circuit design (GBJ54-83).

Does the U1960 support third-party DC power cables?
The U1900 device supports the DC power supply. When the DC power supply is used, use delivery-attached DC power cables. If you have to use the third-party DC power cables, contact Huawei after-sales engineers for confirming the physical parameters.

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