Does a router support user level configuration through a RADIUS server and how it is implemented


The router supports user level configuration through a RADIUS server, and the configuration result is the same as that configured in local AAA authentication.
Configuration must be performed on the RADIUS server.

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How many user levels does an AR router support
An AR router supports user levels 0-15. The value 0 indicates the visit level, value 1 indicates the user level, value 2 indicates the configuration level, values 3 to 15 indicate the management level.

How is an online use disconnected on the RADIUS Server
The AR can disconnect online users through the RADIUS server. The RADIUS server sends a DM packet to the AR that is configured with radius-server authorization shared-key cipher xxxx. DM: The administrator can disconnect online users through the RADIUS server.

Can the user level be configured through RADIUS
User levels can be configured on the AR through RADIUS. This configuration mode is the same as the mode in which levels of local users are configured during AAA local authentication. The user level needs to be configured on the RADIUS server.

Does the router support user level settings using RADIUS
Yes, the router can set user levels using RADIUS. The configuration effect is the same as the local user level configuration during AAA local authentication. You can set the user levels on the RADIUS server.

Why can a user use commands higher than level 1 after the user level configured on the RADIUS server for the user is set to level 1
Run the display current-configuration command to check the configuration on the router and check whether the command line level has been changed by running the command-privilege level command.

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