Which AR routers have the Management silk screen on their management interfaces


The following series of AR routers have the Management silk screen on their management interfaces: AR100, AR100-S, AR110, AR120, AR120-S, AR160 (except for AR168F and AR169F/AR169BF), AR160-S, AR1200, AR1200-S, AR2200, AR2200-S, AR3200, AR3200-S, and AR3600.

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Configure the IP address of the management interface on AR routers
The procedure of changing the management IP addresses on the AR router is as follows: 1. You can configure a management IP address on the CLI using either of the following methods: a. Configure a management IP address on the management interface of the AR router. For example, the management interface is GE0/0/0. Set the management IP address to and the mask length to 24. 2. On the VLANIF interface, configure the management IP address. Note: In the factory settings, all LAN interfaces on the AR150&AR160&AR200&AR120&-S&AR150-S&AR160-S&AR200-S are added to VLAN 1 by default. The default IP address is configured for VLAN 1. Any LAN interface can use this IP address as the management IP address. The procedure for changing the IP address of VLAN 1 is as follows: For example, when LAN ports of the AR150 are added to VLAN 1, configure the management IP address as and set the mask length to 24. system-view [Huawei] vlan 1 [Huawei-vlan1] quit [Huawei] interface vlanif 1 [Huawei-Vlanif1] ip address 24 [Huawei-Vlanif1] quit 2. Configure the management IP address through the web platform. Log in to the web platform, access WAN Access, and find the corresponding management interface in Ethernet Interface. Click the Modify under Operation on the right of the interface to configure an IP address for the corresponding interface.

On which interface is the default management IP address of an AR router configured
From specified versions on, the router is configured with a management IP address in factory setting and the web NMS is enabled.

Can the management interfaces of AR routers transfer service data
The management interfaces of AR routers (such as the console interface, MiniUSB interface, and MEth interface) do not transfer service data. Management interfaces are used for local maintenance and management in general and cannot bear service traffic. Therefore, do not use management interfaces in networking. The reasons are described as follows: 1. The performance of management interfaces is not high enough to bear service traffic. 2. Many services cannot run on management interfaces because the processing flows of the management interface and the service interface are different. In addition, interfaces with the management mark on the panel are management network interfaces. These interfaces are the same as normal service network interfaces except for being used to load system files or configuration files in the BootROM menu.

Can the management interfaces of AR routers with the management marks be used as service interfaces
The management interfaces with the management marks of AR routers can be used as service interfaces. The management mark indicates that the management interfaces are used when software needs to be loaded in the FTP method from the BootROM menu during router startup.

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