Can AR2240 use Cisco V35 serial port cables


Console cables follow the same standard and can be replaced in general.
However, the appearance and implementation method of serial port cables may vary with manufacturers. Use E1 serial ports cables of corresponding manufacturers to ensure stable data transmission.

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Can an E1/CE1 interface communicate with a V35/V24 serial interface
E1/CE1 and V35/V24 protocols are defined on the physical layer and are transparent to the link layer. Therefore, an E1/CE1 and a V35/V24 serial interface can communicate as long as a physical connection is set up. Generally, an E1/CE1 cable and a V35/V24 cable are connected using a V35/E1 converter. The connection between the two routers is as follows: router - V35 cable - V35/E1 converter - E1 line - transmission network - E1 line - router.

Cables of the Console Interface on an AR
The console cable is used to connect the RJ45 connector of the console interface and DB9 connector of the serial interface of the PC.

How do I use the HD-VI to DVI/serial port cable of the TE40?
Use the HD-VI to DVI/serial port cable of the TE40 as follows: connect a video input cable to the DVI port and a camera control cable to the serial port.

IAD serial port login method
You can use HyperTerminal or securityURT tool or putty tool, codec rate is 9600, and the parity check data is no login account and password, the password is root/huawei123, the old version may also be admin.

How to connect the U1980 to a PC using a serial cable
A serial cable with the RJ-48 connector at one end and DB9 at the other end is delivered with the device. Connect the DB9 connector to the serial port of the PC and the RJ-48 connector to the Console port of the U1900.

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