How to control access to some websites on an AR router


Configure an ACL on an AR router to control users from accessing specified websites, including the access time. For details, see the URL: .

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Can an AR router filter some websites
Currently, only some router models support filter of some websites, namely, supporting the URL filter function. Routers that support the URL filter function include: All models of the AR100, AR120, AR150, AR160, and AR200 series AR1200 series: AR1220C, AR1220E, AR1220EV, and AR1220EVW AR2200 series: all other models except for AR2201-48FE, AR2202-48FE, and AR2204 AR3200 series routers

How to control some PCs from accessing the Internet on an AR router
Configure an ACL on a router to match source or destination IP addresses. Add denied IP addresses and then permitted IP addresses.

How to configure access control for AR routers on web pages
AR routers support Classic and EasyOperation web systems. You can configure access control in two web systems as follows: Classic web system: 1. Log in to the web system and choose System Management > System Configuration > Service Management to access the Service Management page. 2. In the Service Management area, click Enabled in the Value-added security service line, and click Apply. The deep security defense function is enabled. 3. Choose System Management > System Configuration > Service Management to access the Service Management page. 4. In the Application interface line, select the interface to which online behavior management is to be applied. 5. Click Apply. EasyOperation web system: 1. Choose Configuration > Network Behavior Management > Website Access Control to access the Website Access Control page. 2. Set User group name by selecting a user group from the drop-down list box or creating a user group. 3. Set other parameters based on the site requirements. 4. Click OK.

STAs cannot access some websites
Procedure for troubleshooting this problem 1. Access other websites on the STA. 2. Try to access the websites through the wired network. If these websites cannot be accessed through both wired and wireless networks, this problem is not related to the AC or AP. In this case, check the websites and egress devices.

How to control Internet access on an AR router
The AR router provides the URL filter function, which enables the AR router to control URLs and forbid/allow users to access specific web page resources so as to regulate Internet access behavior. For details about the configuration procedure, choose Configuration Guide (via Command Line)> Security> Deep Security Defense Configuration> URL Filtering Configuration through the URL: Product documentation.

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