Blacklist generation method


Sources of blacklists include:
1. Manually configured static blacklists
2. Dynamic blacklists generated due to scan attacks

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Method of generating a blacklist of a firewall on an AR router
Sources of blacklists include: - Manually configured static blacklists - Dynamic blacklists generated due to scan attacks

what is the function for blacklist?
the switch will drop all the packets which is matched to blacklist.

How can I display blacklists and whitelists on the SC?
To display blacklists and whitelists on the SC, perform the following operations: 1. Run the display command to go to the display view. 2. Enter the roster-item [id id] command to display all or specified blacklists and whitelists. For details, see HUAWEI SMC2.0 V500R002C00 SC Command Reference Guide.

How to query CDRs of the U1900 users?
You cannot view CDRs on the U1900. The CDR server and BMU or a third-party CDR parsing tool are required for viewing CDRs. The CDR server obtains CDRs generated on the U1900. The original CDRs on the CDR server are binary files which can be viewed only after they are parsed by a third-party CDR parsing tool or BMU.

How to configure the personal blacklist service on the U1980
Two methods are available: - Using the LMT 1. Log in to the LMT command tree and access the config mode. 2.Select the command according to the service to configure: Adding a blacklist: config add blacksubscriber Querying blacklists: show blacksubscriber Delete a blacklist: config delete blacksubscriber 3. Click Execute. - Using the web self-service system 1. Open Internet Explorer, enter the IP address of the U1980 in the address box, and press Enter. Note: At your first login, it is recommended that you download and install the CA root certificate to speed up your login. 2. Enter the user name (user number by default) and password (Change_Me by default), and click Login. Note: You can click Change Password in the upper right corner to set a new password. 3. Choose Self-Service > Registering Services. 4. Click Blacklist. 5. On the Blacklist tab page, click Create and set the number. 6. Click OK.

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