Does an SSL policy of an AR router have a default certificate


By default, a PKI domain is not configured on an AR router for an SSL policy. Therefore, the AR router does not have a default certificate.
Configure a PKI domain under an SSL policy so that the AR router can obtain a digital certificate from a CA based on the PKI domain.

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Have AR routers passed CCC certification

The AR1220, AR1220V, AR1220W, AR1220VW, and AR2220 have passed voluntary certification of China Quality Certification Centre (CQC).


According to the announcement of China's National Certification and Accreditation Administration (CNCA), CCC certification cannot be conducted for the AR routers with subcards in the AR1200&AR2200&AR3200 series.

What login methods does an AR router have
If an AR router is used as a server, the router can be logged in to through a console interface, over Telnet or STelnet, or in web mode. If the AR router is used as a client, the router can be used to log in to another device over Telnet or STelnet, or by redirection. Users can manage the router using command lines or through the web NMS. - Command lines: After logging in to a router through the console interface or over Telnet or STelnet, run the command lines provided by the router to manage and configure the router. Before using this method, configure a user page for corresponding login mode. - Web NMS: Log in to the router (embedded with a web server) in HTTPS mode from a PC through a web browser, and manage and maintain the router on the graphic pages in an intuitive manner. Before using this method, ensure that a web page file has been loaded on the router. Though the graphic pages provided through the web NMS are intuitive and facilitate user operation, the pages provide basic management and daily maintenance functions for the router. To implement complex and detailed management for the router, you are advised to use command lines.

Priorities of policy-based routing and default routing for an AR router
Policy-based routing has a higher priority than default routing. If policy-based routing and default routing coexist, only policy-based routing takes effect. After policy-based routing loses effect, default routing takes effect.

Whether the firewall has an SSL VPN CA certificate by default
You need to apply for the CA certificate towards the CA.

The USG firewall defaults to the existence of an SSL VPN CA certificate
CA certificate needs to apply to CA certification body

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