Why are accounting packets received when commands are run on devices


This occurs so that devices can record history commands. To disable this function, run the undo cmd recording-scheme command in the AAA view.

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What is the meaning of PACKET_LENGTH_WRON in the NTP log of the AR router
NTP/4/PACKET_LENGTH_WRON G(l)[500]:The received NTP packet is longer than or shorter than a valid packet. This log is generated when the AR receives NTP packets in which the packet length is not in the range of 32 to 68. If this log does not need to be displayed, run the info-center filter-id bymodule-alias CFM CFM_LOG command in the system view.

Why does the TACACS server receive accounting packets when commands are entered on an AR
The recording scheme is configured on the AR. To delete the recording scheme, run the undo cmd recording-scheme command in the AAA view.

Why cannot I run commands on the standby firewall
After the active/standby status is set up on the two firewalls, you can run the commands that can be automatically synchronized only on the active firewall, not on the standby firewall. To manually run these commands on the standby firewall, run the undo hrp auto-sync config command to disable the automatic synchronization function.

Device restart after the user-bind static command is executed
For S series switches excluding the S1700, in V100R006, running the user-bind static command on the S2700-SI or S3700-SI causes device restart. This issue is fixed in later versions. You can upgrade the switch to V200R001 or later version or install patch V100R006SPH022. To download the patch, click S2700 Downloads.

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