Can the AR router be used as CA or RA server


An AR router cannot function as a PKI entity or CA/RA server.

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Does the AR support the web
Starting from V200R002C01, the AR supports the web platform. You can use the web platform to manage and maintain AR routers on the GUI. V200R005C20SPC200 is recommended. For details, see Access Router Product Information Center.

What is the command used to delete the NAT server on the AR router
You can use the undo nat server command in the interface view to cancel the mapping table on the Huawei AR router. Run one of the following commands: undo nat server protocol { tcp | udp } global { global-address | current-interface | interface interface-type interface-number [ .subnumber ] } global-port [ global-port2 ] [ vrrp vrrpid ] inside host-address [ host-address2 ] [ host-port ] [ vpn-instance vpn-instance-name ] undo nat server [ protocol { protocol-number | icmp | tcp | udp } ] global { global-address | current-interface | interface interface-type interface-number [ .subnumber ] } [ vrrp vrrpid ] inside host-address [ vpn-instance vpn-instance-name ] Note: The command can be only used on a Layer 3 interface. Loopback and null interfaces are not included.

Can the AR router provide redundancy of the NAT server
The AR router does not provide redundancy of the NAT server.

Does AR router support to be a CA/RA server?
HUAWEI AR router supports only as a PKI entity, does not support as a CA/RA server.

Does the AR router support the L2TP VPN accounting function
L2TP of the AR router does not support the accounting function. Accounting-stop packets are not generated after users are disconnected from the network. As a result, the RADIUS accounting function of L2TP users is not supported either. V200R007 and later versions support the RADIUS accounting function.

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