Pin assignment of the 32-channel subscriber cable


For the pin assignment of the 32-channel subscriber cable on the MA5616, visit Click here.

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Pin assignments of the OSU or ASI board on U1900
For details, see Appendixes > Assembling the RJ11 Connector (for High-Density User Cables) in the Quick Installation Guide .

What are the pin assignments of the digital trunk cables of the U1900 unified gateway?
For details, see Reference > Pin Assignment Reference > E1/T1 Trunk Cable Pin Assignments in the eSpace U1900 Series Unified Gateway Product Documentation.

What is the maximum length of a subscriber cable used by the U1900?
The maximum length of the U1900 subscriber cable is 5 km (the diameter is 0.4 mm), the same as that of the IAD subscriber cable.

Pin assignments for converting unbalanced into balanced for the E1 port on the U1980
After the unbalanced cable of the E1 port is converted into a balanced cable, the pin assignments are as follows: BNC: RX <--> RJ45: 1/2 BNC: TX <--> RJ45: 4/5

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