Diameter of the 32-channel subscriber cable


Inner diameter (AWG) of the 32-channel subscriber cable on the MA5616: 0.400 mm (26 AWG)

Other related questions:
If two conferences are held on the same MCU and each is cascaded to another MCUs, can the two conferences have a maximum of 32 cascading channels?
A maximum of 32 cascading channels is allowed for each conference on the same MCU. Therefore, each of the two conferences on the MCU can have 32 cascading channels.

IAD subscriber line sequence
Please refer to the IAD product documentation "user cable order" section. IAD product documentation download link is as follows:

What is the maximum length of a subscriber cable used by the U1900?
The maximum length of the U1900 subscriber cable is 5 km (the diameter is 0.4 mm), the same as that of the IAD subscriber cable.

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